Our Digital Marketing Strategy

Every Client has unique needs. Here is the Recipe that we use to help them.

Digital Marketing is a delicious cake that should be eaten one layer at a time. Each layer adding complexity and flavor to the one below. 

Our LayerCake Growth Formula leverages a unique approach to digital marketing. Just like adding layers to a cake, each step in our roadmap builds upon the last, enhancing your business’s digital presence and customer engagement piece by piece. This method ensures that no effort is wasted and every strategy adds to the foundation of your success. 

From establishing a robust online presence to optimizing for search engines, engaging on social media, and refining through analytics – each layer contributes to a more substantial, more flavorful result. With our roadmap, gaining new customers is not just about doing more; it’s about doing what’s right, efficiently and effectively, without the complexity and time investment typically required.

The Digital Marketing Delight: Our LayerCake Growth Formula

For small to mid-size businesses aiming to expand without the headache of navigating the digital marketing maze, the LayerCake Growth Formula is your blueprint to success.

Our strategy simplifies the digital landscape, layering key marketing components—such as dynamic web design, precise local SEO, rapid pay-per-click advertising, and strategic social media management—into an integrated, straightforward system. 

Imagine constructing your online presence piece by piece, with each layer reinforcing the next, culminating in a powerful, cohesive marketing strategy. The beauty of the LayerCake Growth Formula lies in its simplicity and effectiveness, eliminating the guesswork and maximizing your time and efforts. 

With LayerCake, growth isn’t just possible—it’s inevitable.

Web Design

Foundation Layer
Web Design

Build your business’s digital base with a stunning, user-friendly website. Features responsive design, UX optimization for engagement, and SEO integration for visibility.

Benefits: A robust online presence that supports all digital marketing initiatives.

Local SEO

Visibility Layer
Local SEO

Boost your local online footprint with strategic SEO. Includes keyword targeting, Google My Business optimization, and local-centric on-page SEO.

Benefits: Drives more local traffic and customers, increasing foot traffic and online visibility.

PPC – Ads Management

Acceleration Layer

Fast-track traffic and leads with targeted pay-per-click ads. We craft campaigns, optimize ads for your audience, and fine-tune for the best ROI.

Benefits: Immediate visibility and leads, enhancing long-term SEO strategies.

Social Media ManAGEMENT

Engagement Layer
Done-For-You Social Media

Connect and grow your audience with bespoke social media engagement. We audit, strategize, create, and manage content across platforms.

Benefits: Boosts brand awareness and loyalty, building a community around your business.